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I have a WiFi adaptor of different company which is supported for windows and macos but no support for Linux/Ubuntu. So it gives me a lot of problems beacause i can’t make it run in my desktop and always need to use USB tethering but finally i solved the problem and thanks to the google search now I can use WiFi in my Desktop.

So the process for it first I search the google with the keyword “realtek wireless adaptor 802.11n driver for Linux” and voila i got all the results.But you first need to check that the WiFi adaptor…

My understanding on Zero shot learning is a process by which we can recognise or identify the raw data without being trained on it.It does not see the data from the training phase and is still able to classify it.

Let’s take an example : Computer vision is a field where computers have the ability to detect an object like humans.

ZSL consists of recognising new categories of instances without training examples, by providing a high level description of the new categories that relate them to categories previously learned by the machine.

The inspiration of the ZSL came from the…

by Debojyoti Chakraborty

Every person has their own life,own thoughts,own experience in everyday.These experiences are very good to save for future.In programmering world this can be done by many people by their blog.

So,to make it easy today we are implementing a blog using hexo framework in node.js and host it in netlify with continuous development.So,let’s do it……..

First we need to know what is hexo and why it is unique?

Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework. You write posts in Markdown (or other markup languages) and Hexo generates static files with a beautiful theme in seconds.It…

Technology trends


By Debojyoti Chakraborty


We all are using various social media like Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.Recent some while you open these app,you may see many old aged peoples in the profile of your friends,followers,even some celebrities also.

You might have noticed that they look older than their actual age in those pictures. Haven’t you?

Well, it’s not that all of they have stepped into a time machine or have consumed something that turned them into their 50s — it’s an exciting feature of an AI-enabled face changing app, FaceApp

Sounds surprising? Wondering how this application deliver a realistic picture…


Microprocessors or CPU are the brain of a computer and
the if the brain is fast then the computer is also fast.
In present the material of microprocessor is silicon and it
may reach to it’s limit of speed after a massive miniaturization.
So we need new component to use for the processors for faster computing

Now here comes a truly awesome fact that our DNA can be used to build
next generation of microprocessors.Millions of natural supercomputers
inside of our body.The DNA made with gene has much more faster computing power than a standard CPU chip.DNA might one day…

Deep learning is a very nice approach to solve automation problems in this age of technology.The data generated everyday is huge volume.To use this data correctly we can solve many great problems using machine learning and deep learning.

Deep Learning a well known term to everyone in this decade — it is a surprisingly very powerful technology to use. Many people thought that Deep learning is very hard to understand. But luckily they are wrong.

Deep learning depends on neural net heavily and these neural nets are the replica of human brain. So if you understand the human brain,you can easily learn the deep Learning.

So DEEP LEARNING is a subset of machine learning and artificial intelligence which imitates the working of the human brain to process the data and identify the pattern in data.

For a 3d…

By Debojyoti Chakraborty

Learning the code,yes a great fun,It give you the super power to create some great thing.But as Spiderman says:

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

Now we can sense that if we don’t use this power properly,it can create some problems,yeah…Sound’s really awful…

But it’s true,let’s dive into the topic:)

First we need to know what is the code smell or smelly code:

According to wikipedia in computer programming, a code smell is any characteristic in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem. …

Debojyoti Chakraborty

Be great,be unique ·

Here are many approach to do a programming.We solve a real world problem by programming.So,we need a memory efficient,fast solution,but in the synchronous programming we can not do much about this. As the program/requests do in a linear way,after a request and response to this program completed then second task starts. in this way the this type of programs takes much more time and make it slow.

all subtasks is linearly stay in a main task body.But …

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cs student pre final year,Open source contributor,AI && ML,DS & ALGO

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