Exploring Hub:>Activeloop A tale of Uploading Pokemon Data

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Pokemon types by Google Images

What is Hub ?

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image from Activeloop Hub
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pip install hub

How I upload my Pokemons to hub:

Before two sections are for the basic knowledge ,from here begins the tale.I know about the activeloop and hub in the hacktoberfest while searching for the repositories to contribute.When found I think about how to use it and contribute to this awesome community,after some days I joined the activeloop/hub slack community workspace which is a good place to start your contribution in machine learning.

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Importing all libraries and preparing Schemas for the dataset:

Now I imported the required libraries for the reading and formatting data.The libraries are numpy,opencv,hub.

import numpy as np
import os
from cv2 import imread
from hub import schema,Dataset
from hub.schema import ClassLabel,Image
all_labels =    [‘bug’,’dark’,’dragon’,’electric’,’fairy’,’fighting’,’fire’,’flying’,’ghost’,’grass’,’ground’,’ice’,’normal’,’poison’,’psychic’,’rock’,’steel’,’water’]
classlabel = ClassLabel(names=[‘bug’,’dark’,’dragon’,’electric’,’fairy’,’fighting’,’fire’,’flying’,’ghost’,’grass’,’ground’,’ice’,’normal’,’poison’,’psychic’,’rock’,’steel’,’water’])
schema = {

“labels”: classlabel,

Loading Images to dictionary and upload to the hub:

I wrote this following code to load the images to the memory,take a look:

store = []
store_label = []
store_name = []
root = ‘/home/debo/uploadhub/pokemon-images-dataset-by-type’for i in sorted(os.listdir(root)):
for j in sorted(os.listdir(root+’/’+i)):
image = imread(root+’/’+i+’/’+j)
classlabel = ClassLabel(names=[‘bug’,’dark’,’dragon’,’electric’,’fairy’,’fighting’,’fire’,’flying’,’ghost’,’grass’,’ground’,’ice’,’normal’,’poison’,’psychic’,’rock’,’steel’,’water’])schema = {

“labels”: classlabel,
ds = Dataset(
for i in range(len(store_label)):
ds[‘image’,i] = store[i]
ds[‘labels’,i] = classlabel.str2int(store_label[i])
print(“uploaded succesfully”)ds.commit()

Some Words….

Now the dataset you can check https://app.activeloop.ai/dataset/darkdebo/pokemon_data.

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cs student pre final year,Open source contributor,AI && ML,DS & ALGO

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